Blogging from A to Z Challenge — Letter K


Today’s Positive Adjective:
Kinetic: of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith

The ship rocked, rolling Captain Xavion from his berth and onto the floor. A second impact hit as he staggered to his feet, pulled on his boots and proceeded to the bridge.

“Report,” he demanded.

First Lieutenant Marcum rose from the Captain’s chair and saluted.

“Unknown alien vessel off the starboard bow. No response to attempts to establish communication. They’ve fired twice. No damage sustained. Shields are at one hundred percent.”

“Officer Tabil.  Establish contact with the foreign craft,” Captain Xavion said as he took the Captain’s seat.

“Captain, I have detected an unidentified life form in Cargo Bay Two,” Allie, the ship’s AI reported.

“Alien?” Captain Xavion probed.

“Yes sir, it emerged from the load transferred from Starship Morrissey.”

“What is it doing?” Captain Xavion asked as the main screen flipped to a view the cargo hold.

“Sensors indicted the being has injected thioureacinol into three of the six containers of phenoloxcolate.”

“To what end, Allie?” the Captain inquired.

“Kinetic molecular theory, suggests the combination of these two gasses will increase the ambient temperature in the container, thereby increasing the speed of the molecules and resulting in a rapid escalation of collisions between the particles and the tank walls.”

“Dear God, Allie, didn’t they teach you to speak English?” Captain Xavion shook his head.

“Yes, Captain. I am fluent in 748 known stellar languages,” Allie replied.

“Captain, I believe Allie is saying the containers are going to explode,” Lieutenant Marcum offered.

“That is a correct assessment Lieutenant Marcum. The force of the blast will destroy Cargo Bay Two. By my calculations, the explosion will disrupt our engine functions. This will initiate a chain reaction which will rip the ship in two in precisely one minute and fourteen seconds.”

Another salvo from the alien vessel rocked the ship.

“Captain, I have established communications with the alien vessel,” Officer Tabil interrupted.

“On screen,” Captain Xavion ordered.

“Finally. We have your attention. You are trespassing in Or’ans space. Surrender your ship,” the brown blob on the screen demanded.

“I will do no such thing. We are on a peace-seeking mission. I assure you we mean you no harm.”

“Balderdash,” the alien spat, and drool seeped into the matted hair surrounding its mouth. “The last peaceful explorers killed half our population. There is no accord. Surrender your ship or we will destroy you.”

“Allie, does he possess the firepower to make good on his threat?” Captain Xavion asked.

“Indeed, Captain. Scanners show they have locked their weapons onto our engine array. A direct hit will annihilate us.”

Captain Xavion turned back to the alien captain. “We come in peace. We don’t desire to harm you, or your people.”

“That’s what they all say before they open fire. My orders are clear. Surrender. Or do you wish to perish?” he asked as the drool formed a long trail to the floor.

“I do not intend to die today. We will defend ourselves,” Captain Xavion warned.

“Then prepare to be destroyed,” spittle flew from the alien’s lips as the screen turned black.

“Thirty seconds to detonation,” Allie called.

“Alien vessel has fired,” Lieutenant Marcum informed the Captain.

“All ahead full on heading 270. Beam the creature in the cargo hold to the brig. On my mark open external doors to Cargo Bay Two,“ Captain Xavion ordered.

“All ahead full. Mark 270. Our new friend is in the brig,” Allie repeated as the ship nosed up, arcing towards starboard.

The ship lurched, shuddering from acceleration as she swept toward the alien vessel.

“Captain, you’re giving them a clear shot at our engine compartment,” Lieutenant Marcum yelled.

“Yes, Lieutenant. They will also get an eyeful of what is behind Door Number Two. Allie open Cargo Bay Two.”

“Aye, aye, Captain. Cargo Bay Two. Open.”

With the doors open the vacuum sucked the contents into space, depositing them in front of the alien vessel’s rocket. When the containers exploded, they denoted the missile and crippled the Or’ans’ ship. Captain Xavion’s starship slipped into warp speed, unharmed.


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