Blogging from A to Z Challenge — Letter J


Today’s Positive Adjective:
Jaunty: sprightly in manner or appearance: LIVELY

Jared stepped into the bright spring day. The breeze blew giant white clouds across a sparkling blue sky. It was a complete change from yesterday’s howling wind that drove ice pellets and freezing rain into his face as he went about his daily chores. Today’s gust playfully tried to snatch the hat from his head wanting to send it on a merry journey through the muddy field. Jared pulled the ten-gallon low and cinched the chin strap. He didn’t have time for that game.

He gave a short whistle. Ole Bob emerged from the lean-to attached to the barn and trotted to him.

“Hey there Buddy,” Jared greeted him with a scratch behind the ears and a heavy pat on his shoulder.

“You ready to work?”

Ole Bob barked twice and ran ahead.

Red whinnied as Jared slid the barn door open. Ole Bob raced inside barking at Red in his stall.

“Guess we are all looking forward to stretching our legs,” Jared said as he pushed Red’s nose away from his coat pocket.

“Hey, that’s for me,” he laughed. He popped an apple from its hiding spot holding it out of the reach of Red’s questing mouth.

“How ‘bout we share?” He took a huge bite then handed the remained to Red.

Ole Bob twisted his head to the right and stared at Jared.

“No, I didn’t forget you.” He tossed a biscuit towards him. Ole Bob caught it midair, swallowed it whole and gave his master a hopeful look.

Jared laughed and threw him a second one.

He whistled a jaunty tune as worked, taking care of the preparations for the day’s outing. He soon had Red saddled and led him from the barn.

“You boys ready to see what them cows have been getting into?” he asked his team.

Old Bob barked, circling Red as Jared mounted.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” He clicked to Red, nudging him with knees and the three of them ran with the wind.


Keep on writing.

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