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Carving out creative time a challenge. Work, family responsibilities, mundane chores and an endless string of ‘must do’ items conspire to keep us from our endeavor. I have decided on a new tactic. I am attempting block scheduling. It is a learning process, for both me and the household. I am discovering it helps if I can disappear.

Coffee houses offer a clean getaway. A locked bedroom door is a second, albeit less workable choice for an untrained family. Noses sniff, puffing at the door’s bottom as they try to see what you are doing. Grubby little paws claw the door. Noise canceling headphones help muffle the constant crying, sobbing and begging on the barriers’ opposite side. If you are stalwart, they will eventually give up. That is when your pets launch their assault. I am off to the coffee shop.

How do you block out creative time?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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