Blogging from A to Z Challenge — Letter Y


Today’s Positive Adjective:
Yummy: highly attractive or pleasing especially, delicious, delectable

“Grammy are you coming?” Christy asked as she pulled my arm and bounced on her toes.

“Where did you want to go?” I teased.

“You promised we could make cookies today,” she said as she tried to drag me toward the kitchen.

“Oh, I plum forgot.”

Christy dropped my hand, placed both hands on her hips and glared at me.

“No, you didn’t. You never forget nuttin.”

I laughed at her pouty expression and petted the tight auburn curls that bounced on her head.

“No, child, you’re right. I was joshing. I’ve been waiting for you.”

A grin spread across her face, her brown eyes twinkled, and she winked at me before turned to race into the kitchen.

“No running, in the house,” I called after her.

I made a special trip to the store for pink sparkling sprinkles and red food coloring. Baking sheets and mixing bowls stood next to canisters of flour, confectioner’s sugar, and spices. I had set out my stand mixer and butter earlier to let them come to room temperature, knowing she wouldn’t wait.

On a whim, I had whipped up a batch of chai spiced butter cookies for Sunday dinner. Christy had fallen in love with them. However, she insisted they would taste better if they were pink, her favorite color, and if they also had sprinkles. But, they had to be the pink sparkling kind, and she wanted to help me make them. Her mother agreed. Outnumbered, I complied with the request.

So, we spent the afternoon grinding cinnamon, cardamom, clove, and nutmeg to create our Chai spice. We creamed butter and sugar until the ingredients were fluffy, before adding the spices, flour, and the food coloring. Christy petted and rolled the dough, creating perfectly shaped cookies before she pressed the all-important sprinkles onto each round. She examined each one to ensure they were evenly covered.

We rotated trays of the pale confections around the kitchen and she supervised while they cooked. Peering through the glass window she made sure none were over-baked. At last, we deemed the first batch cool enough to test.

Christy took a huge bite. Sprinkles and crumbs tumbled from the cookie and bounced from her shirt to the floor.

“Grammy these cookies are yummy,” she said around a mouthful of morsels.

I smiled and let the crumbs fall where they may.
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