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Obstacles come in many shapes and sizes. Stumbling blocks are often trivial, easy to solve and present a minor inconvenience. Hardships can be hair-raising, complex issues calling for skill, detailed planning and expert help to overcome. Sudden snowfall, flat tires requiring half a day to fix, missed connections, mixed messages and energy spent spinning in circles with no forward momentum can take a toll. Fortunately, we decide how we manage life’s tests.

Some things are best ignored, like unexpected snow. Having a flat tire could be a silver lining when the mechanic identifies a recall and fixes everything in a few hours. There may be humor in a missed connection. New commonalities emerge by asking questions, which reveals better avenues of communication. When we choose our reactions, novel solutions arise, or amusing stories unite us with laughter. We might discover a process filled with happiness.

How do you handle obstacles?
Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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  1. Oh no, a flat tire… did you have it during our snow storm? Sounds like you are all patched up. You are right, sometimes obstacles come so we slow down, it gives us time to rethink our plans, our direction, our story, etc.

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