Forgotten Songs – Weekend Writing Prompt

Title: Forgotten Songs
Source:  Weekend Writing Prompt #118 – Song
Objective: Write a poem or piece of prose in exactly 102 words.

Photo by Jenny Yang on Unsplash

Jing-sheng’s cane clicked on the cobbled street. Pausing he lifted his head, scrutinizing the cages hanging between the buildings like forgotten laundry.

It started in the mid-15th century. Privileged elite gathered in tea houses, gossiping, drinking tall tales, and discussing the intricacies of feeding, raising and training their pets.

When his grandfather died, Jing-sheng embraced his legacy and his flock. No one would call him elite. A simple working man, he carried his treasures to the park every morning.

Vanished from the wild, the devoted ones slipped away. The exotic song of birds became a memory that faded with the winter wind.


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    • I watched a program about songbirds in south-east Asia. The owners walk their birds to the park every day so the bids can socialize and learn to sing.

      I am looking forward to reading your piece. Great minds, eh? 🙂


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