Return to the Land of the Dreamer – Daily Quote


Once upon a time, I dreamed great dreams. Wide-eyed, optimistic, and sure-footed, I stepped into a world filled with possibilities. Help arrived at my side, to caution me about the perils of real life. They warned me survival was difficult. Constructive criticism delivered with sharp tongues flayed my skin. They held me down, held me back, stopped me in my tracks.

Fear whispered in my ear and fed on my last ounce of courage. Numb, my spirit sank into the nightmare. I struggled to find my way and bought lies from the snake-oil salesman. I worked harder, but it all fell apart They laughed, saying it didn’t matter how hard I tried.

Crushed and broken I thought I would die. A child’s hand touched mine. She woke me and promised to save me from the nothing I had become.  She showed me the answers I had held all along.

“Life goes where you place your focus,” she said, “Keep your eyes on your dream.”

My attempts to fly failed because I forgot to aim high. To leave the darkness, I only needed to reach for the stars. I listen to my drummer beating a cadence to drown the naysayers. The strength, the passion, the persistence, they live in my dreams.

Do you remember your dreams?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

3 thoughts on “Return to the Land of the Dreamer – Daily Quote

  1. Interesting, I never remember dreams, rarely. I have a friend who always dreamt he was falling out of a plane, another who dreamt that Peter Pan was chasing her. Don’t they say our dreams are really the fears we face during the day?

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    • I can’t imagine not remembering my dreams. Mine are so vivid they almost feel real. I haven’t done much research into why we dream or what they mean. Perhaps I should investigate?


      • Yes, think about your dreams, even though they might be weird… they say they relate to how we are feeling in real life, issues we are having, fears, etc. It’s all very interesting. For sure, a book on dreams would be a good seller. LOL

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