Braving the Perils of Sharing – Daily Quote


I get it, parents and teachers repeated it ad nauseam. “Share,” they preached. They forced me to practice during “Show and Tell.” Sharing is difficult. I would rather retreat to my dark cave and pursue passions which don’t require interaction with others. I relish spending hours alone reading, writing, and editing.  After I lovingly lock my latest WIP in the safe, its naptime.

My muse nudges me, divulging a secret, “Writers write to have their words read,” she says. I hate when she is right. There are great reasons for releasing our work to the scrutiny of an alpha reader. No matter how much we edit, we are blind to the flaws that will smack an editor between the eyes. We need them to expose the obvious.

Feedback is the catalyst for growth. Remember the saying about two heads being better than one? Experts challenge assumptions, question conclusions, and force us to strengthen our logic. With help, we buttress the story’s foundation and fix structural issues, so they support a stronger, more succinct, and robust narrative. It lets our confidence soar. The ultimate reward for facing fear and embracing criticism is you silence your inner critic.

Still, I love that new story smell.

What will you share today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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