Making Incremental Changes to Surpass Your Goals – Daily Quote


I track my productivity on a word count basis. However, my current output is nowhere near three thousand words. Not yet anyway. My present production level is much less than Cassandra’s. When I first began along this path, I was lucky to manage one hundred words. My work was sporadic, and it was rare for me to write on consecutive days.

I have made progress. Now, missing a scheduled writing session is unthinkable. If I skip a day, I make up the difference. My daily word count has tripled and keeps increasing. I surpassed 2018’s total word count during the second week of June. Continuing my trend, within the next two weeks, I will be double what I previously wrote.

I also plan on attempting NaNoWriMo in November which I expect will to add another fifty thousand words to my tally. If I am successful, 2019 may reach triple my word count from last year. It is a feat I never imagined was possible. But it is a testament to the power of small, incremental and regular changes.

What will you attempt today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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