Braving the Mind’s Inner Workings to Find Yourself – Daily Quote


Who are you when no one is watching? Where is the spot in your mind where you can escape when things get crazy, and you need a moment to compose yourself? Where is your special hideout, the safe room that lets you breathe, recover your sense of calmness, and imparts clarity? There was a time in my distant past when I visited my mental safe space frequently. This week I needed to find my happy place. I closed my eyes and tried to transport myself there. But it didn’t work.

I sought it in vain. As I searched, I discovered the memory was where I had left it. It hadn’t changed, but I had. Life moved on, evolved, and the solace I once found there no longer contained the balm my soul required. The revelation set me on a quest. I require an update to my image of me. I have met myself here before. From my initial survey, I have not altered much. Still, a shift has occurred, and I must explore new ideas, alternate options, and greater possibilities.

Who is the true you?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

6 thoughts on “Braving the Mind’s Inner Workings to Find Yourself – Daily Quote

  1. I am familiar with this weird phenomenon. You have a favourite place, but when you make a point of going there for solace or confirmation, it doesn’t feel the same any more, the magic seems to have gone. This adds to the reason you went there in the first place, and we are left wondering if we imagined it. I think it is because, as things change continuously, so do we. So how are we ever supposed to really know ourselves?

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