Discovering Your Brilliance in A Great Book – Daily Quote


It is a secretive club. The members rarely advertise their affiliation in public, but when two of them meet, something passes between them, a nod, a smile, a bond. We are people who read. Research seems to support the conclusion that brilliant individuals, the ones who impact the world, read. They expose their minds to diverse subjects, and submerge themselves deep into a topic, knowing the exercise will propel them to higher levels of personal and professional excellence.

When avid readers recognize a peer, their conversations move easily covering their preferred genres, recent reads, classics, good books, great books, and the hallowed ground of life-changing books. Details aren’t necessary. We know the feeling of reading a story that alters our chemistry, changing us from the inside out. Words lift our mood by confirming we are not alone. Memorable characters have lofty aspirations, and impossible dreams, they struggle to do the right thing and become better humans.

Good books are mirrors reflecting our inner truths and revealing the pathways which connect our past and present to our hopes for a brighter future. As we turn the pages, we laugh, cry, tremble in fear, and rejoiced in the protagonists’ victories. We increase our knowledge, develop our brain, improve our imagination, and boost levels of concentration and focus. If we are lucky, reading changes not just our life, but the lives of those around us.

Have you read any great books lately?


Keep on writing.

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9 thoughts on “Discovering Your Brilliance in A Great Book – Daily Quote

  1. I have been trying my best to get back to reading – I love mysteries or books by some of the good old authors that wrote good old bestsellers. At the moment I am reading John D. MacDonald’s “Good Old Stuff” as it is 14 short stories. Usually I can sit still long enough to complete one story before telling myself I should be up doing something else. I used to read Mac Donald’s “Travis McGee” stories when I was much younger. Plus I like to read Trivia and anything funny as it helps me with my attempt to write posts that people can read and either smile about or say to themselves: “I didn’t know that.”


  2. My recent great book might be the next one is a rule of thumb.

    But lately I’ve been easy on myself. Young-adult fiction, mysteries for adults. Spiritual literature when I can’t help myself.

    Lately, things have been scattered. To reflect that, I have pieces of what’s been read all around.

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