Winter’s Contribution to Fueling Vivid, Imaginative Stories – Daily Quote


Winter writing appeals to romantics. It conjures images of fingerless gloves, roaring fires, heavy sweaters, howling winds. Accumulations of ice and snow create the desire to be anywhere else. We brave the cold, dark outdoors, and retreat to familiar, cozy surroundings to sip a mug of steaming mulled wine that warms us from the inside out. We embrace Scandinavian hygge by lighting scented candles, baking pies, and cookies, selecting a favorite book to read, as we curl up on the couch before nodding off for an impromptu nap.

Dreams fuel active imaginations that seek refuge in creating alternate realities, strange new worlds, and intriguing characters. We nurture our stories like exotic plants in a glass conservatory. The tales become our babies and we watch, guide, and develop the plot, construct character arcs, and hone our storytelling craft. When the story blossoms we happily and proudly open the door to share our creations with our fellow adventurers.

Winter fosters hibernation, withdrawing to a pleasant haven to reflect, ponder, and find existential meaning. Writing is a natural extension, a way to process and clarify thoughts and ideas. We tell stories to make sense of our world. If we are lucky, we and the adventurers who follow our led, discover the obliteration lurking between the sentences.

What tale transports you to another world?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

7 thoughts on “Winter’s Contribution to Fueling Vivid, Imaginative Stories – Daily Quote

  1. I enjoy winter reading. I mean, I write about winter; but there are others who use winter effectively as a setting or even a character in a story. So I guess winter can transport me. So can a place and culture I’m previously unfamiliar with, part of the nation I know little of but find interesting (for example, the Northwest) or a part of the world (say, Wales).

    I hope you are weathering winter safely.

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    • Winter is a great time to hunker into a cozy spot and read. I find winter is a gentle prod to create stories of far off lands and imaginary places. We are expecting subzero temps tonight. I will be snug at home. Hope you have a productive weekend., my friend.

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