Recharge, Reflect, Create, and Share Your Way to Great Accomplishments – Daily Quote


The experts are great at giving us part of the story. They say showing up is half the battle. I keep waiting, reading, but the remaining 50% never materializes. Maintaining your schedule, cultivating the dedication to do the task at the appointed hour, those are the first steps. Focusing on and managing your personal energy levels is the second variable in the equation.

To manage your power stores, you must know the mental and physical strength your daily planned activities demand. I am a bonafide introvert, and prolonged socializing zaps me. Group projects, being asked to answer a question when I didn’t volunteer, parties, people on my flight who talk incessantly, even shopping, and loud venues exhaust me. The ordeals leave my nerves jangling; I feel anxious, depressed, and I am left with an intense desire to be alone.

Necessity has led me to create coping mechanisms. Where possible, I don’t schedule back-to-back meetings, opting to grant myself an opportunity to breathe, decompress, and process information. I have carefully curated my workspace with items that make me smile and help reduce my stress. I have set hours when I welcome others to drop by to discuss problems, ask questions, or chit-chat. My non-office hours allow me to focus on my responsibilities and replenish my batteries. With my tank full, I can respond to life, share the insights quiet reflection has revealed, and connect with my friends.

How do you recharge?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

11 thoughts on “Recharge, Reflect, Create, and Share Your Way to Great Accomplishments – Daily Quote

  1. Expectation (?) and curiosity keep me going, with a little deep breathing and a few ‘0ms’ along the way. I used to be a terrible self-doubter but have improved as the years have passed, Good luck! We all need lots of it…x.

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    • Joy, curiosity is excellent motivator. I believe all of us carry a good amount of self-doubt, just some have learned to compensate for it. It does take time. I hope you are having a wonderful week.


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