Embracing Your New Normal – Daily Quote


Today is Monday. The start of another crazy, precarious week. While you might not be heading into the office, your stress level has, most likely, not abated. Yesterday’s position is not the same situation greeting you today. Many confront the challenges of working from home, furloughs, layoffs, and uncertainty of what tomorrow brings. We have granted kids their wish for a never-ending spring break while insisting they adapt to at home eLearning options. Social expectations have changed overnight, and your daily routines are in a state of flux.

Doubts and insecurities rule the day and cause sleepless nights. You can deny the changes, bury your head deep in the sand, and refuse to deal with reality. Or you can acknowledge facts, accept an altered life, and create an alternate plan. Dare to assess your starting point. Dream and dream big. Then plot your next steps.  Be proactive. Change is transformation, and to move forward implies you must grow. Growth requires action and courage. Expect to feel uncomfortable, expect life to seem unfamiliar.

Your actions will determine your future. Your choices always dictate your route, that much hasn’t changed. You can worry, wring your hands, and wait to see what happens. Or you can push past the aches and pains, embrace what the day offers, show up and play the best game of your life.

Is today your day to shine?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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