Time in A Bottle – Dee | Grammy’s Grid Writing Prompt

Title: Time In A Bottle
Source:  Dee | Grammy’s Grid Writing Prompt
Word count: 65 words

assorted-color glass bottles

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

“She calls them, what?”

I picked up an empty red-tinted bottle. Raised letters spelled “Poison.”

“She called them ‘time bottles,’” Jared corrected as he reached for my specimen and replaced it on the shelf.

“I don’t understand.”

“Each of them holds a story that starts with, ‘Remember the time?’ Now she is gone, and it’s my job to pass the stories to the next generation.”


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12 thoughts on “Time in A Bottle – Dee | Grammy’s Grid Writing Prompt

  1. Interesting! Love the image of those bottles. Sorry you missed the prompt linkup that ended on the 20th. I have a new one up now, open until the 24th (animal, 75 words). Would love for you to link up.

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  2. I didn’t see this prompt, but I do love the idea of stories behind old bottles and antiques. The sad thing is when you go antiquing and you see things made for Walmart or the Dollar Store. Some people will try to pass anything off I guess!

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    • When you consider what children grow up with today, they may well consider items from Walmart and the Dollar Store, as antiques. I suppose we will have to see how many of those items survive 25-50-100 years or more. Thanks for commenting, Stine. ❤

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