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Happy April Fool’s Day? I think? Wouldn’t it be nice if Q1 2020 was the setup for today’s punch line? I can imagine a fool jumping from a box to tell everyone this has been an awful dream. Alack, and alas, we are where we are. When planning and setting my schedule for this first quarter, I expected trouble reaching my normal word count goals. None the less, I set aside time for writing every day and tried to write even a few minutes.

For three months, I was discouraged. Thoughts of “I have gotten little done,” and “I am so far behind where I should be,” were a recurring theme. But my fingers hit the keyboard as often as I could manage, and I didn’t abandon my commitment. Moving slowly isn’t sexy. We admire the overnight successes, the fastest runner, the first to publish, and those who hustle at lighting speed.

Today I sat to review my results and plot my course for the next ninety days. Running my numbers, it shocked me to discover I am only a small percentage below my normal word count target. Without realizing it, I was making slow and steady progress. The key was daily persistence and unwavering dedication to writing every day. That’s an April Fool’s surprise I and glad to experience.

Are you moving closer to achieving your goals?


Keep on writing.

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  1. Yes, I have been pleasantly surprised by our progress these past few weeks. Could have been better is still in my head somewhere, but is being balanced out by ‘could have been worse’…

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