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Spring allergies have hit. Stuffy head, red watery eyes, sneezing, and sinus pressure takes their toll when you are running full speed ahead. While allergy medication can relieve the pressure and ease congestion, it messes with my ability to concentrate and form coherent thoughts. My mind starts swirling, dreaming up countless improbable conjectures. Although none of the symptoms align, you wonder if you have coronavirus. It is crazy, reactionary thinking not supported by facts. Experience says sleep will help.

Ah, sweet sleep. It is a commodity as rare as toilet paper these days. We, humans, are hardwired to worry in the dark of night. We spend hours staring at the ceiling, tossing, turning, and entertaining concerns about the lack of shut-eye. The spinning wheels make matters worse. Sleeping during the daytime is a luxury I cannot afford. Coping mechanism number two is multiple cups of coffee. My hot brew helps ease sinus pressure while the caffeine combats a throbbing headache, and viola, no fuzzy brain. Step aside, I have work to do and I need another cuppa Joe.

What comforts you and makes you feel better?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

6 thoughts on “Coffee to the Rescue – Daily Quote

  1. Sorry about your allergies! Reading a good book brings me comfort. A temporary escape from everything as I dive into the world of the book. Writing does as well. Whether I am journaling and writing out my feelings or writing a fun story, letting my imagination go and walks in nature!

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    • I am so happy to hear you have processes and activities for helping you cope with the stress life throws at us. Reading is a great way of transporting you into another world. ❤


  2. Earlier today, pounding head, persistent cough feeling like I had something spikey in the back of my throat, I started worrying. But then I remembered that allergy season is here. It’s all settled down now. Happy to have my allergies this year.

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    • This year allergies are a curse and a blessing. I have been having mild allergy symptoms for a couple of weeks now, but the past few days have been bad. While the migraines are not fun, they are better than the alternative. I hope you fell better soon, Jeff.


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