The Immense Power of Tiny Wins – Daily Quote


Life challenges us with never-ending obligations. The day job creates its own stress. Our employment provides the paycheck for our basic needs, rent, food, and a modicum of security. We struggle to provide for our family. Family responsibilities weigh heavily on our shoulders as we strive to be wonderful parents, loving siblings, and caring children while maintaining a physical distance. If we are foolish enough to presume to manage a side hustle, the demands escalate. Pressure mounts with an overwhelming task list that feels impossible to complete.

Sometimes the answer to bolstering our determination and producing the biggest triumph is to concentrate on a single, modest element. There is immense power in one tiny accomplishment that we can move to the completed column. It boosts our morale. With one detail resolved, we are free to finish the next item. The wins accumulate like pearls in a necklace. It can make all the difference.

What small win can you make happen today?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

7 thoughts on “The Immense Power of Tiny Wins – Daily Quote

  1. Jo Hawk, thanks for this post. One learns that when he or she has a big project such as a book to write, every step is very small–a word, an insight, a phrase, a worry, and so on. Thousands of them, and none can be omitted, and then the book is done. Every day I ask myself, “Did you make progress today?”

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