Limited Foresight – Thursday Threads

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“I’m not gonna lie. This isn’t for everyone. In fact, I try to keep it a secret. My darkest secret. Can you imagine if this went viral? There would be lines. Hordes of people. The unwashed masses clamoring to join my procession. Let’s not mention the capitalists, the greedy sycophants, and the low-life scum whose sole purpose in life is making a quick buck. Whatever happened to hard work? Sacrifice?”

He paused in his diatribe, to push his face uncomfortably close to mine, and stare. I didn’t flinch. “What’s in it for me?”


There was no hesitation. It was almost as if he expected my question. I felt the tension, as the left side of his mouth twisted into a smirk.

“I promise. You’ll stay beautiful forever.”

His grin disappeared, his eyes narrowed, and I swear he winked at me before he stepped to the table covered with an odd assortment of paraphernalia.

“You assume that is important to me.”

“Isn’t it?”

When he turned, the lopsided sneer had returned, and an enormous glass ball glistened in his hands.

“My dear, what you don’t understand is my visions become reality.  Oh, I suppose I could dwell on the whole ‘peace on earth’ Miss America sentiment, but that would be boring. Nobody enjoys boring, do they? No. Not when the ugly truth is so much more interesting.”

He rolled the orb, spinning, and playing with it, before he lifted it, holding it at eye level.

“Do you want to see?”


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