The Rhythm of Persistence to Wear a Path to Success – Daily Quote


Few things happen overnight. Okay, you can have your orders delivered in twenty-four hours, your movies play on-demand, information is available with a quick search, and the world spins at a breakneck speed. It is easy to get caught in the whirlwind, racing to perform jobs faster, and faster. Our anxiety builds when we can’t complete every task on our lengthy lists.

There are advantages to ambling along at a leisurely pace. We can make minor mistakes without dire consequences and adjust our course as needed. It also grants us time to spend with family and friends and honor other obligations. By moving deliberately, we build strength, and we gather momentum. The work moves forward with less effort, and we find ourselves carried across the finish line. We grant ourselves precious moments to savor our journey. Dripping like water, we carve deep impressions on solid rock.

How will you make your mark?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

14 thoughts on “The Rhythm of Persistence to Wear a Path to Success – Daily Quote

    • China — Crime Drama series interesting. I visited your Blog. I noticed that you do not write ANY OF YOUR OWN Blog posts, instead you re-blog from everyone else. If you are a writer, why don’t you post your own stories instead of using everyone else’s work? Last year, we had an issue with this. There was a person who was blogging ALL of our posts (different Bloggers), but NOT writing their own posts, which was causing Copyright issues. If you are going to be a blogger… START sharing your own stories.


      • To be fair, China is commenting and reblogging the posts. The issue last year was the specific site was using a bot to scrape content from hundreds, if not thousands of sites, daily, without attribution or engagement with anyone. I don’t place China’s handful of proper reblogs in the same category at all.

        We all start somewhere. Hitting the publish button on your own work can be terrifying, but as we all know it does get easier with practice. There are plenty of bloggers who reblog other’s posts as a way of sharing and creating a community in the vast deluge of content on the internet.

        But I don’t disagree… I would love to see some of China’s original stories. 💕💗💕

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      • Well… I disagree, we can all create a Blog, not writing anything on it and just link to other blogs. I think it is fine to do that occasionally, but if that is your entire Blog… then it is copying.

        Anyhow — I visited China’s Blog, because he/she mentioned writing a Crime Drama series, so that sounded interesting.

        However, China’s site is ALL reblogged material with nothing of his/her own’s.

        I was just making a comment… and was being a FRIENDLY Blogger by trying to visit him/her and Follow if it was an interesting Blog. 🙂

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    • I am happy you are enjoying them, China. I hope keep the trend going. Ooo. There is often a BBC crime drama series playing on the tv here. Now I’m imagining that I have seen your work. Amazing. Can you share the series?


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