Experiencing Harrowing Adventures Without Personal Risk – Daily Quote


Through the course of my life, I have been call lots of names, a brainiac, bright, an Einstein, sharp as a tack, a smart cookie, and a whiz. No one has ever willingly called on me to be part of a team sport. Coordination is not my forte. My first black eye resulted from attempting to catch a ball tossed underhanded to me. Roller skating left my fingernails embedded in walls and claw marks on my brother’s arm as I tumbled to the floor. I have fallen while walking upstairs and tripped over my shadow. The greatest danger books presented was a paper cut. So much safer.

Books let me experience feats I could never dream of accomplishing. I have battled dragons, won foot races escaping from evil pursuers, and climbed trees with nimble ease. For years I lived on a prairie, I discovered the sidewalk’s end and delivered packages while flying on my witch’s broom. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

What are your favorite summer reads?


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