Take It All Back – Flash Fiction Challenge

Title: Take It All Back
Source:  Flash Fiction Challenge
Prompt: Write a story about justice for all.
Word count:  99 words

man sketching portrait of woman

Photo by Samuel Castro on Unsplash

It should have been a simple assignment. A modest portrait of his patron’s daughter. While he didn’t like children as his subject, the commission promised to launch his budding career.

Except, when she showed for her appointment, she wasn’t a child. She was no blushing bride-to-be, but a temptress with a siren’s song. Engaged, another man’s prize, she exchanged the poor artist’s heart with her own. Forbidden love blossomed.

There was only one solution.

“I cannot do her justice,” he declared, “For all our sakes, take these godforsaken sketches, and I will try to forget I ever met her.”


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