Exercise Your Yoga Pants, Say No to Stress, and Dare to Grant Yourself Time to Unwind — Daily Quote


The change to Daylight Savings Time always messes with my internal clock. It takes a week or more to acclimate, reset, and alter my perception of time. Everyone says I need to relax and take it easy. Yeah, right? It should be as simple as taking a deep breath and saying, “ok, I’m relaxed now.” It doesn’t work that way. Have you ever noticed when you finally schedule a vacation, a full seven days away from your everyday routine, that you don’t feel any different until day three?

We bombard our bodies with daily doses of stress hormones. They make our hearts race, our stomach churn, we breathe faster, and our muscles tense as we decide whether to fight the stampeding herd of wooly mastodon or run. Normally, I choose to engage the beast. You never know when you might get your next opportunity to throw a grass-fed mastodon burger on the grill.

After a busy week of bringing home the bacon and creating tasty meals, I reserve Sunday for R&R. I turn off the alarm, indulge in an extra cup of coffee, and allow myself to lounge around in yoga pants all day while sipping a glass of wine. The yoga pants are the key to the entire weekend. How else do you think I’m going to overindulge on those scrumptious burgers?

How do you spend your Sundays?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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