The 2021 Daily Writing Challenge – March 14


Saturday marks the weekly binge to complete all the requisite-do tasks that didn’t get done during the week. The day started early, ended late, and resulted in an exhausted but exhilarating sense of accomplishment. There are two benefits to writing your To-Dos on paper. The first is the joy of shredding a completed sheet. The second is the kick in the pants you receive when you must re-write an uncompleted item on a clean page.

One onerous thorn had been lingering on my job chart for months. Words cannot describe the displeasure and resentment I felt each week as I re-wrote the same sentence on list, after list, after list. Sick and tired of the same annoying task, I dug in, enlisted the help I needed, and finished the project. Hurrah.

I have put the most important tasks to bed, dispensed with the maintenance chores, and vanquished a handful of minor annoyances. A rewarding day was crowned with my ability to spend an hour working on my WIP brain dump.

No matter the challenges and the obstacles blocking my way, I maintain the item at the top of my list as a non-negotiable. Yesterday I wrote 519 (countable) words.

Did you write yesterday?


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

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