Relics — Three Line Tales, Week 135

From Sonya’s 3LineTales at Only100Words.
You can find the original prompt here. Thank you, Sonya.

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photo by Davide Cantelli via Unsplash

They came as they always had, speaking reverent words in hushed voices, paying homage to the masters.

But as time passed, and they no longer clutched us in their arms or caressed our patterned pages.

We became decorations, wallflowers longing for a dance.


Keep on writing.

Jo Hawk The Writer

5 thoughts on “Relics — Three Line Tales, Week 135

  1. i feel sad for books these days, and you present that here, forgotten like relics and even surreal to some who opt for more modern inventions and discard pages like wallflowers waiting for a suitor

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  2. A lovely tribute to ‘real’ books. Many of us still love them dearly but still give way to reading the cheaper and more easily accessed ebooks. I still have bookcases full of old books that I can’t bear to part with. Nicely written, Jo. I love your last line!

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