The Cocktail Party — Story-A-Day Prompt

Title:  The Cocktail Party
Source: [Writing Prompt] StoryADay September 2018 Day 1
Word count:   414 words

1958 style kitchen

Photo credit: SportSuburban on Visual hunt / CC BY

Pamela entered the kitchen thinking how exquisite it looked. It was her domain complete with state-of-the-art appliances, countertops, and flooring. The linoleum flooring was the newest product on the market, guaranteed to last a lifetime, it was easy to maintain, and it was easy to create custom designs. The other indulgence in the kitchen included a pair of refrigerators, large enough to store the items she needed for her well-attended cocktail parties. She negotiated with the builder to have everything as she designed them.

Tonight’s mission entailed ensuring she had forgotten nothing for tomorrow night’s party. Rodger admitted Pamela’s parties were the reason for his promotions at work. Everything hinged on the success of this party. A high-profile client was considering placing a substantial book of business with the firm.

Pamela stood in front of the refrigerators to check items off her list. One freezer contained bags of shaped ice cubes, a week’s work for the drinks. From the other freezer, she retrieved the Swedish meatballs she made earlier and moved them to the refrigerator to thaw.  Two lime jello party salads, one with coconut and one without, waited in their stylish ring molds. They had set nicely. Two more copper molds held prawns in aspic ready for their assigned places on the buffet table arranged in the dining room. Two dozen hard-boiled eggs sat on the next shelf. She had everything to transform them into piped deviled eggs with a pimento garnish. Next to the eggs were the large containers of deviled ham. A crowd favorite, Pamela hoped she wouldn’t run out.

Bags of celery washed and cut into bite-size pieces were also ready for the buffet. Along with the other cut veggies, their place was next to the cream cheese spread and the peanut butter. The popular cheese whiz she planned to place strategically along the buffet. Marge had confirmed her three o’clock arrival time to help finish setting the buffet and drink cart, allowing Pamela to change into her new blue cocktail dress.

She nodded to herself everything appeared to be in order. Tomorrow morning, she would prepare the pineapple upside down cake and her signature cherry angel food cake. With the cakes finished she would prep the pigs in a blanket and the canapes. Pamela patted the kerchief holding her curlers in place then flipped the page on her notebook. The next item was to review her latest changes to the client proposal with Roger before going to sleep.


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